Child Rights - Principles to Practice
Series of trainings for practitioners working with children and families

Miroslava Georgieva from Tulip Foundation actively participated for some three years in an expert group of professionals, which developed a complex online programme for training on the rights of the child. The group was supported by Oak Foundation and led by Child to Child, UK. It included colleagues from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, etc. The programme is foreseen as a practical support for specialists so that they are able to apply in their daily work the principles: Based on the Rights of the Child, Child Participation, Nondiscrimination, Best interest of the Child, To Build on Strengths, Do No Harm and the Right to Survival and Development.

The introduction course is in English language and is freely accessible after registration on 

Last year Miroslava Georgieva translated and adapted the course into Bulgarian language. In February we started series of online trainings for colleagues from our Sure Start family centres in Sofia, Targovishte, Kustendil, Filipovci, Varna, Gorna Oriahivitsa, Kazanluk, Krepost and Karlovo so that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and community of practitioners in order to apply in their everyday work with children and families approaches based on the rights of the child. Each training session includes introduction to a concrete principle, groups and joint discussions. In a few days the colleagues from each centre present analysis of a case from their practice with children and families. It is followed by a discussion with the team of Tulip Foundation on challenges and concrete ways for application of the rights of the child.

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