Official opening of Youth Hall, Prisovo village, Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, 21 September 2007

outh Hall “Healthy, Strong, Positive” was opened at Chitalishte Vassil Levski, Prisovo village, municipality of Veliko Tarnovo with the financial support of Tulip Foundation. The event brought together many people from the village; children and youth; their teachers and directors of schools in the village and Veliko Tarnovo; friends, colleagues and mayors from neighbouring Mindia, Debeletz, Balvan, Beliakovets and others. Many of the present people had not only come for the ceremony but had also contributed to the renovation and the equipment of the hall. Miroslav Rumenov, student at twelfth grade expressed the gratitude of the young people in the village.

The hall was officially opened by Maria Petkova, director of Tulip Foundation; Dr. Rumen Rashev, Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo and Malina Popova, Mayor of Prisovo. 

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