European seniors call MEPs to join forces for an age-friendly EU, Brussels, 8 December 2014
Closing conference of the Active Seniors Citizens for Europe project - European Parliament on 8th December

"Involving older citizens in the shaping of EU policies that concern them is the most effective way to meet older people's current and future needs and address Europe’s demographic challenge. This is also the most appropriate response to the increasing lack of confidence EU institutions and policy makers are currently facing", stated Marjan Sedmak, AGE Platform Europe President at the closing conference of the Active Seniors Citizens for Europe project organized at the European Parliament on 8th December. "The ASCE project is an example of positive initiatives that can bring the EU closer to its citizens and foster a greater sense of ownership among older citizens", added Mr Sedmak.  

Helping older European citizens to engage in a constructive dialogue with Members of the European Parliament to help shape the EU political agenda has been the overall objective of the two-year ASCE project, coordinated by AGE Platform Europe and co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme. From September 2013 to December 2014, ASCE has involved 10 partners from 8 countries to enable older citizens - men and women - to take part in the relevant EU policy-making processes and in the European elections, organizing workshops and training trainers to use and spread the training material developed by the project  ‘Active Citizens for Europe: A guide to the EU’. 

On the occasion of the project closing conference, AGE Platform Europe and the project partners called on the newly appointed MEPs to take their responsibilities to address demographic challenge in a more democratic way through enhanced dialogue with older citizens and civil society organisations. AGE Platform and partners welcome the re-establishment of the Intergroup on Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, aimed to support the collaboration of MEPs committed to finding innovative, sustainable and fair solutions to demographic change. 

Representatives of Tulip Foundation participated in the conference together with Ekaterina Dimova, a lecturer at Sofia University and volunteer of Donka Paprikova Charity Association of long standing as well as participant in various programmes for older people in Central and Eastern Europe since the beginning of the 1990. She shared with the participation MEPs and colleagues her position of an active citizen of Europe and volunteer for age friendly Europe. 

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