Opening of a Centre for Administrative and Social Services, Shemshevo village, Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, 21 September 2007
Centre for Administrative and Social Services was opened at Chitalishte Napredak 1911, Shemshevo village, Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo as a result of the project “The chitalishte – home for everyone” funded by Tulip Foundation.

The principles of the project Dialogue, Responsibility, Respect, Participation, Transparency and Cooperation are written above the main entrance of the Chitalishte which will soon mark its one hundred years anniversary. The local people are offered at the new centre information, consultations, documents, printing and copying services, Internet, computing literacy.

Dr. Rumen Rashev, Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo; Maria Petkova, director of Tulip Foundation and Ivan Ivanov, Mayor of Shemshevo cut the tricolour ribbon in the presence of many local people from all ages, guests from local associations and community clubs from neighbouring villages, mayors from near by villages Balvan, Beliakovets, Velchevo and others, who presented their greetings and presents to the team of the hosting Chitalishte.

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