Project of the Month October 2008 - In wonderland, Razlog
Shans NGO, Razlog

The main goal of the project was to support the development of the potentialities of children with intellectual disabilities through art.

A workshop for crafts, decoration and colouring of clay, pottery, plaster, paper and leathern articles is established after renovation, refreshment and furnishing of one of the rooms of “Blyan” (Dream) Day Center.

There are 12 children with intellectual disabilities, aged 3-18 participating in the daily activities. These are selected by the specialists at the Day Centre on the basis of their expressed interests and wishes. The children are engaged with crafts work each week day. The duration of the activities varies with every child depending on the type of disability. Some days speech and language therapist, psychologist and supervisor – social pedagogue are helping the children as well.

The children are making clay candlesticks, saucers, cups, pencil cases, plaster figures with magnets, decorations for child rooms, emoticons, decorating of pottery and glass articles, cloth napkins, handles, pincushions, paper bookmarks. They also cover and decorate articles with leather and transform them into vases, pencil cases, jewelry boxes. Through these activities creative thinking is developed, fingers fine mechanics is improved, through colour therapy children sensors are developed, improved self confidence and satisfaction are achieved.

We plan also a charity exhibition – bazaar for the Christmas holidays. That will help us to find market for the produced articles which will lead to sustainability of the activities with the children.

Shans NGO, Razlog

Lidiya Pankova

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2760, Razlog

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