Project of the Month November 2009 - “Palkenche” Day Centre for Children in Bardarski geran village
Chitalishte “Saedinenie – 1923”, Bardarski geran village

The “Palkenche” day centre for children in the village of Bardarski geran attracts more and more children. Three clubs have already started their work: the club for finding, documenting and learning Banat songs, the club for art and crafts with natural materials and the club providing training and support for safe surfing in the internet. The children show huge enthusiasm and initiative. Despite the fact that the club activities have been planned as two hours per week classes the children want to come to the centre every day. They even suggested to start another club – for cooking, and one of the ‘grandmothers’ from the singing group agreed to take on the role of a teacher. Two other clubs also started their work: the club “Opa Tsupa” for authentic Banat dance and the club “History and culture of the Banat Bulgarians”. 

The project goal is to create outclass activities for the children from the village and to socialise the children from the social care institution to the activities taking place in the village. The project aims at stimulating the children’s initiative by preserving the unique Banat culture, traditions, customs, history and dialect. The centre is open to and visited by all children in the village. 

Three premises at the chitalishte have been renovated and furnished for the purposes of the project and are being used by the children from the village who are learning how to be socially responsible and active citizens. 

The renovation of the project premises and the purchase of some of the equipment were funded by the municipality of Byala Slatina. The Mayor of the Bardarski Geran village donated two computers so that the children can have their own communication space in the chitalishte from where they can stay in touch with friends from all over the world, have access to information, read and learn more. The local cable television provided free internet access for a period of three years.

Chitalishte “Saedinenie – 1923” 
Мaria Karadzhova 
56 Dimitar Blagoev str. 
3259, Bardarski geran village 
Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa region 
Tel. 0885/ 55 13 60 

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