Project of the Month April 2007 - Project Day Centre for Elderly People in the Town of Elin Pelin
Inclusion / Priobshtavane Foundation, Elin Pelin

The idea for opening a Day Centre for the elderly people in the town is a result of assessment of the needs of the elderly people. The project is realized by the joint efforts of the team of the Foundation and the local authorities and is aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly people in the town.

The idleness, accepted as a privilege of the retired people strongly diminishes the social involvement and leads to a feeling of being unimportant and useless both for the society and for the family. Often this period unlocks the quick process of feeling old unless there are adequate programmes providing the retired people with optimism and creativity

The project aims at overcoming the social isolation of the elderly people and to provide them with a space and activities filling in their free time and including them in the social and cultural life of the municipality.

The financial support by Tulip foundation the premises provided by the municipality have been transformed into a comfortable space corresponding with the special needs of the people of the third age. The Day Centre is visited by 40 people dailyand 19 more are visiting occasionally. It is highly important that every decision about the organisation of the activities taking place in the Centre is taken based on the peoples opinion.

The staff of the Day Centre includes three people hired through other projects – coordinator, social worker and assistant. The municipality covers the running costs of the Centre. The Social Care provides hot drinks for the people visiting the Centre on daily basis.

The main services offered at the Day Centre are administrative support – assistance in filling out application forms and documents, etc.; accompanying the people to medical centres, providing the necessary medications, organising cultural activities; periodic organisation of training courses and thematic discussions related to the problems of the elderly people; information about their rights according to the active legislation – with the participation of a lawyer from the Foundation, representative of the National Insurance Institute and a social worker form the municipal Social Support Department; assisting and acting as mediators for the people when dealing with other institutions for clarifying different issues, preventing conflicts and tension; informing the people from the town about available social services and access to them

Inclusion/Priobshtavane Foundation
2 Detelina str.
Elin Pelin


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