Project of the Month July 2005 - Social services for people with psychiatric disorders and their families in Municipality of Samokov
Foundation Social Consultative Center

In October 2004 the Foundation Social Consultative Center - Samokov started implementing a new project funded by Co-operating Netherlands Foundation aimed at overcoming the social isolation of people with chronic psychiatric problems and mental retardness through offering new skills for dealing with everyday problems. The project team includes two social workers, psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist and a nurse.

The project target group includes 28 people aged between 16 and 50 from Samokov and the surrounding villages. The activities planned concentrate on different activity groups. The participants in the project are encouraged to participate in different groups according to their interests and special needs. The project offers a choice of the following activity groups: labour therapy group, self-help group and healthcare group. Monthly events are also organised as well as integrating activities and meeting within the Art and Culture Club. Individual psychological support and meetings with a social worker are also available. Since the beginning of the project 160 individual meeting and consultation with the project participants and their families have been provided by the project team.

We are proud to say that the office of Foundation Social Consultative Center - Samokov has developed as a community center for the people with chronic psychiatric problems and mental retardness not only from the town of Samokov but from the small villages around it too. Here with us they find professional support, understanding and encouraging words.

Foundation Social Consultative Center

Zahari Stoyanov square 1 floor 2 room 8
Samokov 2000
Tel. 0722 / 6 60 85


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