Project of the Month December 2005 - The Chitalishte – a Home for Everyone, Village of Krushare, Sliven Municipality
Chitalishte Iskra, Village of Krushare

In 2002 representatives of young people and the club of people in disadvantaged position approached the board of the chitalishte with a request to support the formation of clubs. The chitalishte agreed to that but it turned out that the available premises did not meet the requirements of the groups – there were no paths for the wheel chairs, there were no equipment and furniture for the planned activities, there were no heaters even. This is how we came up with the idea for a project which we decided to call Chitalishte – a home for everyone, since we wanted everybody living in the village to come to the public reading house and to accept it as their second home.

We renovated three premises of the chitalishte that became a community club. We equipped them with a TV, video and DVD player, music system and games, two tennis tables, rehabilitation and fitness center. We adapted the entrance for the needs of people in wheel chairs.

The newly refurbished club provides possibilities for various activities for the different target groups. The discussion room is used for quiet games and meetings among the generations as well as between the villagers and the local authorities. Different training courses are also taking place including discussions on topics like HIV/AIDS, STD, drugs, etc. Meeting of farmers and representatives of relevant institutions are also taking place at the public reading house.As part of the regional network Euroaccents meetings and discussions with young people are taking place. The issues discussed include employment within the EU, EU programmes and constitution, the opportunities that the EU opens for Bulgaria.We had very interesting meetings with two prominent sport champions as well as with Polish visitors.

The tennis hall and the rehabilitation center are used by people with disabilities thus offering them the possibility to improve their health and physical status. Some of them have not been able to afford any rehabilitation for years.

In their free time villager are welcome to the new club to enjoy games and films. The chitalishte no longer closes at 17.30h. The lights are on till late in the evening because a young man - Dimitar Grigorov volunteered to keep it open outside the working hours of the staff, including the weekend.All the facilities and services are free of charge for the people in disadvantaged position. The rest of the villagers who use the tennis or the rehabilitation centers pay a symbolic monthly fee.

We are proud with what we have achieved, especially when people come to visit our village and say that they have not seen such facilities.

25 Demir Slavov str
Krushare 8877
Sliven municipality
tel.04514 /21 61, 044 / 2 91 16


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