Prohect of the Month February 2010The Sun Shines for Everyone, Village of Kaloyanovo, Plovdiv Region
People’s Chitalishte Iskra

Our goal was to support the social inclusion and personal realization of children in Kaloyanovo village, who have difficulties in communication, in their intellectual and physical development. We renovated and furnished a premise for a Day centre in the Chitalishte and organised art-therapy and various labour and entertainment activities for children. 

We organised excursion to the oak near the remains of the ancient Siverious. We told the children about the history of that Roman settlement and we together found ceramic artifacts. We went around the place and oak, we made a fence around the three. We put a label that invites everyone to keep the oak as a local landmark. Together with the children we traveled to Suhozem and Otec Paisievo where we visited the monument of an American pilot and St Sofia church. 

The children made various art objects at the art-therapy sessions – gift bags, paper flowers, jewels from beads etc. All souvenirs were sold at symbolic prices during exhibition - bazaar in the beginning of December. All children received presents paid with the raised funds. We sang and had jolly time together and the children were very happy and proud that they have raised the money for the feast. 

As a result of the project we now have a very nice working Day centre, which is visited daily and is attractive for all the children in the village and not only for these with difficulties. The children are engaged with practical sessions that provoke them top give new ideas and to be creative. New friendships are made in the centre, the children are becoming more confident and now know that the difference doesn’t make you or the others less important.

As the spring holidays are approaching we have started to make Martenitza and presents for mothers and grannies. We are planning excursions and walks for the holidays. The sessions take place once a week at present due to the school lessons, but in the summer there will be sessions more often. 

People’s Chitalishte Iskra 
Anka Bekirova 
6 Vazrajdane square 
village of Kaloyanovo 4173 
Municipality of Kaloyanovo 
Plovdiv region 
Tel: 03123 / 24 60; 03123 / 24 12 

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