Project of the Month November 2008 - To preserve for the future generations, Tsenovo village, Ruse region
Hristo Botev Chitalishte, senovo village, Ruse region

The main goals of the project were preservation of family memory through collection of rich materials revealing life, values, traditions and culture of Tsenovo village and establishment of ethnographic collection within the building of Hristo Botev Chitalishte; broaden possibilities for alternative rural tourism; overcoming of social isolation of elder people through initiatives and communication among generations.

An exhibition room was established after repairing activities within Hristo Botev Chitalishte. Local ethnographer and the pupils from Hristo Botev Primary School at Tsenovo village were restoring and collecting new ethnographic materials. 10 volunteers helped with the arrangement and opening of the exhibition. 18 inhabitants of Tsenovo village donated different objects for the exhibition – men’s and women’s national costumes and shoes, handmade carpet, loom, archive materials, collection of old coins, etc.

Pictures were made and a map called “100 sights in Tsenovo region” was prepared in order to attract and develop alternative rural tourism. 

The established ethnographic collection is opened for everyone and has the same working time as Hristo Botev Chitalishte. The Chitalishte’ team will continue to maintain and enrich the collection after the project end. 

Hristo Botev Chitalishte

Veska Dimitrova

79 Tsar Osvoboditel Str.

7139 Tsenovo village, Ruse region

Tel. 00359 (0)8122 24 25





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