Project of the Month September 2008 - Together we can more, Tianovtsi village, Bregovo municipality, Vidin region
Chitalishte Probuda, Tianovsti village

The main goal of the project was to overcome the isolation of the local people from Tianovtsi village through creation of conditions for access to information, active inclusion in social and cultural life and inter-support. Chitalishte Probuda wanted to motivate the local community about their possibilities to make a change in their life; to create access to information, to cultural and social activities; to provide qualitative administrative services for people in the village.

The main project activities included renovation and equipment of a centre for social contacts, cultural and educational activities, administrative services and providing access to information and technical support to the village inhabitants.

In parallel 2 groups (Life-Giving Water from Tianovtsi and Let’s Help Ourselves) were established by local active and capable people who initiate various activities and are the main participants in their realization. 

After the end of the project the Center continues to work and is open for all inhabitants and guests of the village and the formed groups continue their activities. 

Chitalishte Probuda, Tianovsti village

Mitko Florov

Tianovsti village 3787

Municipality of Bregovo, region of Vidin

Tel. 09319 / 423

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