Project of the Month July 2005 - Without borders – united Roma centers in Kozloduy and Butan
KREDI - Kozloduy

The project aims at developing and widening the scope of work of two Roma centers. The Roma center "Karina" in the village of Butan has a children’s day canter, training room and medical cabinet. The Centre is fully equipped for its activities aimed at children at school age. The children make drawings and applications, learn poems, read and illustrate fairy tales, develop their talents. At least 20 children attend the activities at the centre every day. There is also a small library with children's books and encyclopaedias, which although newly established is already very popular. The training room is equipped with three computers and a printer. 

Computer training courses are taking place there from the beginning of April 2005. The most active participants in the training are some 20 – 25 children aged between 10 and 15. Before that they associated computers with playing computer games only. Now they are learning how to work with them with great enthusiasm. 

The Roma centre in Yantra neighbourhood in Kozloduy operates in a similar way. It is smaller – there are two rooms and a cafeteria. Some 15 children aged between 7 and 12 come for computer classes. Two computers are used for the purposes of the training which takes place three times a week after school. 
The centres’ main goal is to improve the motivation of the children to go to school. Along with the playing and drawing they get new skills and realise how interesting it is to learn new things. We believe that this is helping them to understand the importance of education in order to have a better life.The team working with the children at the two centers are Roma themselves. They are well trained and highly motivated and work with their hearts.


Dom Energetic floor 1
Kozloduy 3320


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