Project of the Year 2021 Awards
The Project of the Year awards were announced for a seventeenth time at a public ceremony.

The traditional awards for best and most effective projects of civil organisations were announced on 7 June at the Peroto Literary Club at the National Palace of Culture.

Maria Petkova from the Tulip Foundation addressed participants in the competition and guests with words about the essence and the strength of relations between people, the significance of professionalism and responsibility. She shared that the Project of the Year awards are the oldest recognition for the achievements of the civil sector. The selection of the awarded projects is most objective following clearly defined and in advance announced criteria - the results; sustainability of activities over time; financial efficiency; participation of the target groups and the local community; innovation and applicability of the idea in other settlements.

The 2021 awards were announced by the members of the Jury after they were presented by members of the Board of Tulip Foundation. Vladimir Kissiov invited to the stage Snejina Petrova, actress, Head of Theater Department at the NBU, bearer of numerous national and international awards. She presented the first of three equal awards – the project Fund for the Children of Heroes by For the Good Foundation. The award was received by Nadejda Rangelova and Dimitrina Spirova, who moved the audience with their story.

Vladimir Penkov presented HE Andrea Wike, Ambassador of Austria in Bulgaria and told about her long term professional and personal links with Bulgaria. Ambassador Wike spoke about life of children and people in small settlements and the role of Chitalishte. She presented the project Get to Know Yourself and Pass It On run by FAR (Lighthouse) 1930 Chitalishte in Pavolce village. Maria Bojkovska and Betina Ivanova told about the idea and their work on the project. ”All the children in the village attend the chitalishte!” shared they.

Anna Zaharieva, a member of the Board of Tulip Foundation, told about the passion for books of Svetlozar Zhelev, director of the National Book Centre. He spoke about Chance for Every Child – Adaptation and Implementation of Sure Start Programme in Bulgaria project, implemented by Future for Children Association. Visibly moved Maria Gineva from the association and the Mayor of Gorno Cerkovisthe village Anton Antonov spoke together with a team of the organisation about the project implementation. The activities in the frame of Sure Start programme continue and are further developed in 3 new settlements with the support of Kazanluk Municipality.

At the end of the event Maria Petkova congratulated the representatives of organizations carrying the ever flourishing tulips especially made by George Capkunov. She thanked the members of the Jury as they make the event a celebration. She congratulated all participants in the competition underlining that every nominated project is already awarded with the trust of people.

At the end of a difficult year with many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic 16 very different and timely projects from small and big settlements were nominated in the competition.

The ceremony was organised with the media partnership of the Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal and in cooperation with the National Palace of Culture.

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