Presentation of the aims and the activities of SenGuide project
Virtual meeting with people and organisations from Bulgaria

On 16 November the team of Tulip Foundation organised a virtual meeting with people and organisations that were invited and have expressed interest in activities for digital and social inclusion of older people.

Miroslava Georgieva presented the aims and the activities in the frame of the partnership SenGuide Project, targeted at people aged 55+. The idea is to support older people with good skills (professional or amateur) in certain field to share their experience and knowledge with other people. They will develop their own short online modules on a subject that they master. Together with our partners from Germany, Spain and Ireland we have developed a specialised online course, which will allow them to create their online modules. 11 participants - representatives of civil organisations working with older people and people who have interest in the activities took part in the meeting. Some commented on the idea, others raised questions. Thus the presentation transformed into an open conversation.

SenGuide Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

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