Study visit to Romania for sharing experience in the fried of child care, 14-17 November, 2016
Study visit to Romania, 14-17 November, 2016

Invited by the Know-How centre for alternative care for children at the NBU in the frame of “Network for child protection in South East Europe” project Miroslava Georgieva from Tulip Foundation and colleagues from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Serbia took part in a study visit to Iasi, Romania. The visit was hosted by Terre des Hommes Romania and the Romanian Federation of non-governmental organisations in the social services.

The study visit included seven Romanian organisations that are actively working in Iasi, the least developed region in the northern neighboring country. The colleagues from Romania presented various innovative initiatives in the social sphere and their experience and successes in cooperation with local and national authorities that are aimed to guarantee the sustainability of their initiatives.

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