The Europe we want is for all ages
AGE Manifesto 2024 "The Europe we want is for all ages" is officially launched

Together with our partners we presented the AGE Manifesto 2024 "The Europe we want is for all ages" at a public event at the European parliament as a key document for the upcoming European Parliament elections 2024 campaign. The meeting brought together MEPs from all the parliamentary groups and representatives of the European Economic and Social Committee, the Cabinet of the Vice President for Democracy and Demography Dubravka Suica, the Permanent Representation of Spain to the EU: Legacy of the Spanish Presidency, AGE Platform Europe and COFACE Families Europe on 24 January.

The session was filled with insights, perspectives, suggestions, and valuable contributions from all participants, including Members of the European Parliament who endorsed the Manifesto, showing their commitment in working towards a society for all ages.

The speakers shared their thoughts on various topics such as EU AGE Equality, EU Care Strategy, Ageism and ableism in labour markets, COVID-19 lessons learned, demographic change, intergenerational solidarity, and family carers.

All these topics are highly relevant for young and older people in Bulgaria. We invite everyone to join our campaign and support the AGE Manifesto!

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