Power of Family and Community Programme


Power of Family and Community Programme is planned as an instrument for empowering parents, families and communities so that they have sufficient knowledge, the skills and the capacity to protect their children from violence and neglect and to provide them with opportunities for full development good prospects for their future. It is a continuation and development of a joint three years programme of Tulip Foundation and Oak Foundation aimed at building the capacity of local civil organisations to support children and families so to prevent violence, maltreatment, neglect and placement of children in social institutions. More information.

Last news

Sure Start Programme supports parents and families to provide good early childhood care for their children.

Three new family centres were officially opened in the frame of the Sure Start for the children in Bulgaria programme during this month. Trained and prepared local teams welcome mothers and families with young children on a daily base.

Future for Krepost (Stronghold) Association develops a Stronghold of knowledge and skills project in a village with the same name in Dimitrovgrad municipality. Mothers from a few different communities find interesting and useful for their children the activities together. The aim of the team is to enable environment and equal opportunities for a full early childhood development of children from 0 to 6 years of age in the village by supporting their parents and caregivers to acquire knowledge and skills for a good care for children in the first most important years.

The team of Health and Social Development Foundation develops further its activities in a quarter of Kustendjil through the Sure Start project in Kustendjil. Group activities for mothers / parents and children aged 0 to 6 are provided every week day from 9 to 12 hours at MIR Centre. The experienced team has prepared various regular additional activities that support the core programme and stimulate positive parenting with good care for children from before they are born.

The activities at Family Centre Better Together in Karlovo, run by Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley Association in the frame of The Power is in US Project, are aimed at developing the capacity of parents and extended families of children from 0 to 6 years of age in Karlovo municipality. The centre is open for all parents with young children every week day. Series of lectures and talks with guest speakers and specialists in early childhood development, speech therapists, psychologists, dentists, midwifes and obstetricians etc. are planned. The foreseen meetings with presentations for parents in all inhabited places in the municipality are focused on vulnerable groups.

There projects are funded and implemented with the ongoing support from Tulip Foundation in the frame of Power of Family and Community Programme.

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