Learning and Sharing Programme

The aim of the programme is to encourage the introduction and the implementation of new models of social work with specific target groups through capacity development of NGOs working in similar or same social fields. The programme focuses on enabling civil organisations to learn from each other’s experience and share the lessons learned during the model projects implementation.

The role of Tulip Foundation is to provide opportunities for civil organisations to meet; share experience, achievements and problems; learn from each other; shape common visions; develop common platforms of action. The participants would have the opportunity to identify common problems, promote dialog and provide an up-to-date view on relatively new areas of social work and reflect contemporary methods and approaches applied in the EU countries. That will happen through series of thematic working meetings for representatives of NGOs from around the country working in selected fields of social care, as well as representatives of Ministries and local authorities.

As a follow up selected organisations that have expressed interest in visiting operational projects run by other NGOs in Bulgaria will have the opportunity to benefit from financial support for exchange visits.

Organisations supported by Tulip Foundation as well as any other NGOs working in the particular social area are encouraged to participate in the programme. Those organisations that are interested are invited to apply by filling in an application form and sending it to the team of Tulip Foundation by e-mail or regular mail.




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