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The goal of the project is to contribute to the sustainability of civil organisations through enhancing cross –sectoral cooperation between the profit and the non-profit and establish an innovative tool (Marketplace for projects) for matching the needs and the interests of the civil and the business organisations, based on a practical cooperation and providing long term impact by:

- Providing practical efficient tool for cooperation that is crucially important in times of economical crisis when resources (funds, services, materials, equipment etc.) are limited and complimentary effective use of these is of a big importance;

- Promoting the “marketplace” and training of local core teams that will apply it locally;

- Creating and updating a permanent internet based “Marketplace for projects” in cooperation with the business organisations and media that will serve the profit and the non-profit organisations on an on-going base.

The Marketplace works very successfully in the Netherlands for almost 10 year and during the last years it has been transferred to Germany and Belgium.

The activities are targeted at NGOs, cultural establishments, community clubs, companies and local businesses, business organisations, media, local authorities, schools, active citizens and community leaders and include:

- Adaptation and publication of an easy to use toolkit for training and support to local core teams of profits and non-profits in organising local Marketplace events around the country;

- Training of local core teams in 10 municipalities in the techniques of the Marketplace so that they are capable to apply the tool at local annual events in the many years to come;

- Organisation of an annual local “Marketplace for projects” events in 10 municipalities in cooperation with local core teams, business, media, municipalities, cultural and educational establishments where matches are made between business and charities resulting in long term in-kind and financial support for initiatives of importance for the society;\

- Organisation of an annual national “Marketplace for projects” forum and creation of a permanent electronic Marketplace for projects in cooperation with business organisation and media.

The expected impact is that the annual “Marketplace for projects” events in 10 municipalities will result in a sufficient number of matches – non-profit projects and initiatives will be supported by profit sector; activities of NGO will be made known to the local communities, businesses and media; by the means of annual events, material and technical support the profit and the non-profit sector will build genuine links and develop schemes for continuous support. 

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