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Why is my organisation important for the people?

For a second year a virus is changing our lives. It is invisible, but it visibly made us to realise how vulnerable and connected we, the people are. In difficult moments of uncertainty and worries we feel how important are other people around us. We also found out that each of us is important for the others. We, the people at civil organisations work for different causes – cultural, social, educational, health. For the effectiveness of our work it is important that the society knows us, trusts us and supports us. Thus we can do more and better for more people.

Many organisations have their mission, values and goals on the website and printed materials. Is it enough in the 21st century of information and informational technologies? Isn’t it important what we have learned, in what have we became better, what is new in our work, what have we changed, how can people get involved? That is the story about the life of an organisation.

Tulip Foundation and Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal announce for yet another year the competition for a short essay „Why is my organisation important for the people?”.

The competition is open for all civil organisations. Our aim is to challenge and encourage our colleagues to use human language in communicating with people (especially those with and for whom they work), the donors, the volunteers, other organisations, media, society...

Tell us

why is your organisation important for the people in one page. Try not to use professional jargon, specific terms and foreignisms. Please, send your essay to mgeorgieva@tulipfoundation.net by 18 October 2021 and indicate the name of the author, the organisation and the contact information.

Jury of professional writing people (journalists, writers, artists) will select the best essays according to three criteria:

  • human language of writing;
  • clear and easy to understand presentation of the organisation and its importance for the people;
  • interesting and moving narrative.


The best essays will be awarded with a special grant and wide public presentation.

The awards will be publically announced in November 2021.

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