Of NGOs and People Awards 2021
Why is my organisation important for the people?

For another year we challenged the colleagues from civil organisations to tell why is their organisation important for the people in a short essay. The idea is to use human and easy to comprehend language in the communication with people that they work with and for, donors, volunteers, other organisations, media, society... We organize this competition since 2015 in partnership with the Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal.

Due to the pandemic this autumn instead of award ceremony we set up a conversation with the members of the Jury. They are Rayna Gavrilova, lecturer in history and theory of culture at Sofia University St, Kliment Ohridski, author of books, articles and textbooks, and Nayo Titzin, journalist, producer, photographer and art director of „Master of Art“ Film Festival, lecturer on public speaking at NBU.

In the conversation you will hear reflections about the competition, impression of the jury members, advices and thoughts about why it is important to tell stories. „The humans are the only creature on Earth that tells stories“ said Nayo Titzin. Rayna Gavrilova shared that civil organisations should never forget that stories about people have to be in the centre of communication. You can also hear the selected essays.

The awarded essays are „Why is my organisation important for the people?“ by Dr. Pavlina Mihailova from the Association Treatment of COVID-19 with Plasma, Sofia, and “I want to hear you!” by Plamena Koicheta from the Association for Support to People with Intellectual Disabilities, Varna. The award includes a certificate and a small grant of 500 BGN.

There are 20 essays from organisations committed to very different causes presented this year. The best texts were selected on the basis of the pre-announced criteria - human language of writing; clear and easy to understand presentation of the organisation and its importance for the people and interesting and moving narrative.

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