Project of the Month October 2007 - Access to information and services – fast, easy, accurate!, village of Vakarel, Ihtiman Municipality
Chitalishte Zaria, village of Vakarel

2295 people live in the village of Vakarel. Because of its location, relatively remote from the municipal centre, and the lack of good transport links for most of the people living in Vakarel it is difficult to receive information and administrative services. They have to travel several times to the municipal departments. The opening of the Information Centre was an adequate response to the public need for up-to-date and timely information.

The project goal was to expand the technical possibilities of the Information Centre at the Chitalishte so that it would serve more people by providing information services, which reflect the modern dynamic way of life based on the principle fast, easy, accurate. The project targets various groups of the population who differ in age and interests: students, young people, small-scale farmers, unemployed people and the working population. As part of the project the reception area of the centre was refurbished and expanded and the technical equipment was modernised by adding a computer desk, computer, printer, fax machine, scanner and a digital camera. The two available computers have been connected to the Internet. 

During the period of the project implementation the following results were recorded: 10-15 visits a day for copying services, about 10 visits a day for printing services, 3 to 4 visits per week for sending documents using the fax machine, administrative information was provided daily to 7 to 8 pupils, university students and unemployed, 1 to 2 inquiries per week by farmers were processed through the internet, checking accounts - 10 times a month, internet banking – 5 people per month, ordering goods on the internet – 2-3 times a week, internet access 5-6 times a day. 
The Information Centre is open five days a week. 

Chitalishte Zaria
7 St Patriarch Evtimii str
Village of Vakarel 2060
Тel. 07143 / 27 73


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