Project of the Month February 2006 - Creation of a Day Center for Elderly in Rousse
Third Age Foundation

The Day center was initiated by the elderly people in Rousse and was officially opened on 12 May 2004. The premise is providedby the Municipal Council for a period of 10 years. The center was renovated and furnished. Its mail goal is to break the social isolation of retired people and to provide conditions for their socialisation and self-help.The Day center is visited every day by people above 60 years.The youngest member of the group is 59 and the oldest is 86 years old.The number of people visiting the Center amounts to about 85.On average 30to35 people visit the center on daily basis. The Day center team consists of social workers and a nurse.

The activities taking place in the center include: friendly environment; individual and group consultations with different specialists - psychologist, kinezitherapist, legal advisor, medical doctors, etc.; entertainment and different interests groups(Cable TV, newspapers,labour and music therapy, psychotherapy, gardening, herbs, baking); organising health promotion events and lectures as well as consultations with specialists; measuring blood pressure, pulse and weight; advice on social benefits; discussions on different issues interesting for the elderly people; excursions to historical places around Rousse; organising parties and events like the international day of the elderly, birthday celebrations, traditional and Christian customs; 

organizing meetings with representatives of local authorities and with elderly people from other towns and villages near Rousse; visiting exhibitions, theater performances, monasteries and churches; meetings with children from the nearest Primary school, the school of Fine Arts and the Day Center for Children; group and individual exercises adapted to the specific needs.

The Day center is open for two years and its success is proved by the number of people visiting it every day. The people are happy with the opportunities that the Center provides and more and more people express interest in joining the activities.

Cenka Dimitrova
Drujba 2
4 Matei Popov str, bl. Agrostroi, floor 3, аp. 6
Rousse 7016
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