Project of the Month December 2007 - Support for the elderly people in the villages of Pleven Municipality
Association Pleven Public Fund - Chitalishta, Pleven

The main goal of our project is to mobilize the local communities in order to improve the quality of life of the elderly people living alone through the network of the chitalishte. The project focuses on providing services which meet their specific needs, help for overcoming the social isolation and integrating them back into the social life of the community. Another goal of the project is to encourage the transfer of knowledge among the different generations through volunteering and helping those who are in need. The target group are more than 400 elderly people living in the eight villages, who are in better health and visit the Information centres at the local chitalishte.

For the purposes of the project a Public Council for support of the elderly was formed as well as a team of volunteers who were offered training. We bought blood pressure and sugar levels monitors and computer equipment for the chitalishte information centres and a package of administrative services was introduced specifically tailored according to the needs of the elderly people in each village. A directory containing contact details, various services and useful information was produced and is currently distributed in its electronic version. We have also introduced care for the elderly who have difficulties walking in their own homes. Most often the volunteers are asked to do their shopping but cleaning and other services are also often required. The most highly valued service turned out to be the human contact – the conversations between the volunteer and the people who were living on their own in the last years of their lives. A lecture sequence of 56 sessions on the issues of healthy living was organised. We developed the programme Neighbours Help, which covered 80 elderly people living alone in the outskirts of the villages and a mobile library, was launched using the resources of the chitalishte libraries.

Our project was multiplied not only in Bulgaria but also in Romania and Italy. The team developed a project aimed at continuing these activities and their multiplication in other rural communities. Activities with a focus on social care and services are key to the long-term strategy of our organisation. A programme was developed including activities aimed at the people from the third age.

Association Pleven Public Fund - Chitalishta, Pleven
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