Project of the Month September 2007 - The Chitalishte – A Home for Everyone, Shemshevo village, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality
School Board of Trustees at Chitalishte Napredak, village of Shemshevo

The project aims at opening a Centre for Information and Social Services offering training, consultation and information services. For two months renovation work was carried out in order to adapt the premises to the needs of the Centre, the centre was furnished and prepared for its work. The availability of a place which is accessible for everyone living in the village considerably improved the quality of life during the first two months of its opening. Now the Center focuses on problems typical of the rural community like the lack of information, difficult access to the various social services and difficulties in the work with institutions. The Center is extremely useful for the work of the Chitalishte with the young people. We are trying to encourage the youth activities, to provide access to training and information so necessary for the equal participation in the modern social life. The Internet provides better access to information and presentation of the various activities of the target groups. The Center is based on the principle of mutual help, dialogue, tolerance and the result of all this it is much easier to overcome the gap among the different social, ethnic and age groups. Among the result of the project are: better quality of life for the people of the village, better socializing of certain groups and individuals who for various reasons have lived in isolation, better awareness about civil rights and obligations, saving resources and time by the whole community. We believe that the better knowledge of the citizens of the administrative norms of the country will improve the quality of services provided by the different institutions. The people of the neighbouring village of Ledenik often use the services of the Centre.

The activities implemented by the Centre offer a sustainable model in which the people identify and formulate specific problems and try to solve these problems within the community. Thus the Centre itself provides grounds for the development of the civil society. At the moment the Centre is the meeting point for the different social groups. Many people show interest in learning more about social services, healthcare, prevention of crime and the increasing number of telephone frauds. 

Board of Trustees at Chitalishte Napredak
Village of Shemshevo 5027
Тel. 06124 25 / 60

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