Project of the Month November 2006 - The Touch, town of Pleven
Association Rural Youth "Together", town of Pleven

Among the objectives of the Association Rural Youth "Together" are improving the skills and knowledge of young people, socializing the youth from the marginalized groups and encouraging the participation of young people in the life of their communities. The members of the association include young people from 11 villages on the territory of Pleven municipality. The main activities of the organisation focus on training, information campaigns, testing and multiplying new models of work aimed at overcoming the territorial, social and information isolation of young people from the villages. The association works together with other NGOs active at local and national level, the network of chitalishta and youth organisations from all over the country.

The project Touch, funded by Tulip Foundation, was aimed at preparing the young people for the life in the big town when they have to move there to continue their education. The project helped for raising the self-esteem and self-confidence of the young people and created favourable environment for the communication with the young people from Pleven. 16 young people from two villages and 12 young people from Pleven, aged between 14 and 18, took part in the project activities. 8 of the young people from the villages are Roma. Three chitalishta were attracted to the project and provided the premises and support for the project activities. For the project team the biggest achievement was the fact that we managed to show to the parents and the institutions that young people living in the villages are not only gifted but diligent and responsible.

The art group will continue its work in Pleven in the premises of the Military Club. We are currently considering expanding our activities in three more villages.

Vassil Rusinov
Chitalishte Prosveta II floor
5850 village of Yasen
Pleven Municipality
.064/ 83 65 58

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