Skills for parenthood without violence
Training for the teams of Sure Start Programme on working with children and parents for prevention of violence.

Two more trainings on positive parenting for the colleagues from local Sure Start Programme teams in 9 places around the country took place in May. Experienced trainers from PULS Foundation talked about similarities and differences between punishment and violence, the traumatic experience and its consequences on children and young people. There was a lively discussion on the huge theme of corporal violence against children and the opportunities to change public perception.

Approaches and materials for work with parents and children for alternating the stereotypes were presented.

In the coming days the colleagues in Kustendjil, Gorno Cerkovishte, Targovishte, Varna, Karlovo, Kazanluk, Gorna Oriahivitsa and Faculteta and Filipovci in Sofia will receive a full set of guides and books for children and parents.

The training was organised in the frame of The Art of Changing Project with the support of Oak Foundation and Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA).

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