First working meeting under TRACEUS Project.
European traditions, recipes and kitchen … with smartphones!

During the morning hours of 7 and 8 December 2020 we got together in ZOOM with the partners in the Traditions, Recipes And Cuisines of Europe Using Smartphones (TRACEUS) project. The aim of the meeting was to discuss and to plan the upcoming activities, expected results, division of role and tasks for the next 24 months.

Representatives of Tulip Foundation, Dublin City University (DCU) from Ireland, E-Seniors: initiation des seniors aux ntic association from France, Universidad de Castilla - la Mancha from Spain, Centre for advancement of research and development in educational technology (CARDET) from Cyprus and MEDITER - Reseau Euro-Mediterraneen pour la cooperation a.i.s.b.i. from Belgium took part in the exchange. At the end of the second day, even virtually, we shared interesting traditional Christmas recipes from our countries. No matter how culturally different and geographically distant the listed countries are, we learned that there are similar traditions – like for example a coin in a baked bread or cake.

The traditional cuisine of a country reflects its unique history, lifestyle, values, and beliefs,. It connects generations and communities. We know from experience that ffood is a bridge that bring people together across cultures and countries. So we believe that the project will connect socially older people (over the age of 55 years) with different background, language and culture through sharing of culinary traditions in a form of short online video clips. Thus they will improve their digital skills and use of s smartphone.

If you or your friends (aged 55+) have cooking skills or are interested in culinary recipes and are willing to share these – think about the opportunity to get involved in the project. If you have a smartphone and some free time – get involved so to learn how to present your favourite recipe as you film if by yourself. Write to us at We will contact you and include you in the training activities in the forthcoming year.

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